Welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

I am a christian, husband, music teacher and photographer based in the Western beachside suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I first discovered photography (thanks to my good friend Dave, a wonderful photographer) while completing my music education degree (jazz) and quickly fell in love with photographing people and their connections.

I love God, my wife Steph, jazz music, old cameras and my crazy cat Charlie. I have a strong passion for teaching. I love finding beauty in simplicity and unlikely places and I dream of living in the Adelaide Hills or the Barossa Valley (I just need to convince Steph it’s not too cold during Winter!).

I consider myself as having a modern approach to traditional photography and strive to find the light and love between people and show that in my images. Analogue film photography is my preferred medium for capturing this light as it has an inherent softness, colour and look that best suits my vision.  I believe in having prints and albums that can be enjoyed now and passed on to generations to come in the future.

Please contact me for wedding and family package details. I am available for interstate and overseas travel.