Aidan + Tam {Mt Gambier Couples Photographer}

Boy have I been busy taking photos the last 2 weekends in anywhere other than Adelaide! Last week Geelong (blog to come!) and this week Mt Gambier. I have both family and friends living in Mt Gambier, these are some of those friends.

Aidan + Tam have been married for a little while now and on hearing I was coming down her way, Tam insisted on getting some shots of her and Aidan. You see Tam is usually on my side of the camera, taking tonnes of photos of their beautiful little daughter I am sure!

The morning was cold, the grass was wet and so were our shoes! We still managed to have some fun and get some great shots. Until next time Mt Gambier!



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  1. Tam August 18, 2011 at 2:50 am #

    Dan done a wonderful job of taking these photos!! I’m definetly not a photogenic person, hint why I am normally the one behind the camera taking the photos but Dan made us feel comfortable and we had LOTS of laughs of this morning 🙂 Aidan and I don’t have many photos of us together so I’m going to appreciate these photos for the rest of our life 🙂 I LOVE everyone of these photos and I’ve been showing them to everyone I know, Mr Dan is a very talented man!! 🙂

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