Aaron & Vanessa – Adelaide Hills Engagement


adelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-01.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-03.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-07.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-04.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-05.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-08.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-10.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-12.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-11.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-13.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-14.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-15.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-19.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-18.jpgadelaide hills langeberg engagement photographer-17.jpg
Aaron & Vanessa had their engagement session on Vanessa’s family property amongst in the Adelaide Hills on a beautiful evening at sunset. They will be married at Mount Lofty House later this year.

Nick & Britt – Barossa Valley Wedding

Trigg Wedding-023.jpgTrigg Wedding-050.jpgTrigg Wedding-059.jpgTrigg Wedding-060.jpgTrigg Wedding-065.jpgTrigg Wedding-069.jpgTrigg Wedding-078.jpgTrigg Wedding-085.jpgTrigg Wedding-088.jpgTrigg Wedding-102.jpgTrigg Wedding-103.jpgTrigg Wedding-111.jpgTrigg Wedding-124.jpgTrigg Wedding-131.jpgTrigg Wedding-132.jpgTrigg Wedding-138.jpgTrigg Wedding-140.jpgTrigg Wedding-141.jpgTrigg Wedding-147.jpgTrigg Wedding-156.jpgTrigg Wedding-169.jpgTrigg Wedding-171.jpgTrigg Wedding-174.jpgTrigg Wedding-181.jpgTrigg Wedding-186.jpgTrigg Wedding-188.jpgTrigg Wedding-196.jpgTrigg Wedding-198.jpgTrigg Wedding-208.jpgTrigg Wedding-219.jpgTrigg Wedding-224.jpgTrigg Wedding-231.jpgTrigg Wedding-238.jpgTrigg Wedding-244.jpgTrigg Wedding-263.jpgTrigg Wedding-278.jpgTrigg Wedding-288.jpgTrigg Wedding-289.jpgTrigg Wedding-290.jpgTrigg Wedding-301.jpgTrigg Wedding-302.jpgTrigg Wedding-305.jpgTrigg Wedding-307.jpgTrigg Wedding-321.jpgTrigg Wedding-325.jpgTrigg Wedding-328.jpgTrigg Wedding-343.jpgTrigg Wedding-344.jpgTrigg Wedding-353.jpgTrigg Wedding-355.jpgTrigg Wedding-362.jpgTrigg Wedding-365.jpgTrigg Wedding-377.jpgTrigg Wedding-389.jpgTrigg Wedding-391.jpgTrigg Wedding-393.jpgTrigg Wedding-397.jpgTrigg Wedding-399.jpgTrigg Wedding-415.jpgTrigg Wedding-427.jpgTrigg Wedding-448.jpgTrigg Wedding-492.jpgTrigg Wedding-500.jpgTrigg Wedding-503.jpgTrigg Wedding-505.jpgTrigg Wedding-508.jpgTrigg Wedding-521.jpgTrigg Wedding-522.jpgTrigg Wedding-529.jpgTrigg Wedding-535.jpgTrigg Wedding-536.jpgTrigg Wedding-540.jpgTrigg Wedding-546.jpgTrigg Wedding-551.jpgTrigg Wedding-557.jpgTrigg Wedding-560.jpgTrigg Wedding-564.jpgTrigg Wedding-566.jpgTrigg Wedding-568.jpgTrigg Wedding-571.jpgTrigg Wedding-579.jpgTrigg Wedding-582.jpg

Nick & Britt were married at the Old Union Chapel in Angaston in the Barossa Valley in November amongst their closest family and friends. The ceremony featured beautiful vows and their dog as the ring bearer! Featuring beautiful DIY decorations, flowers and handwritten chalk boards the beautiful golden sunset light streamed through the trees and made for a perfect reception setting.

The wedding was captured by Adelaide film wedding photographer, Eon Images on Kodak Portra 400 and TriX and Ilford Delta 3200 film in Canon EOS3, Leica MP and Contax 645 cameras. I trust Atkins Pro Lab with all my colour film.


Great Ocean Rainforest Travel-2.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-5.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-7.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-12.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-1.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-9.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-10.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-8.jpg

My wife Steph and I recently travelled along The Great Ocean Road to take a little time away. Along the way we came across this magical spot and I’m sure I could have spent hours there. I think some of these might make nice prints on the wall in our new house!

Contax 645 / 80mm f2
Kodak Portra 400

Travel photography by Adelaide film wedding photographer, Dan Wooldridge.