Great Ocean Rainforest Travel-2.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-5.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-7.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-12.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-1.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-9.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-10.jpgGreat Ocean Rainforest Travel-8.jpg

My wife Steph and I recently travelled along The Great Ocean Road to take a little time away. Along the way we came across this magical spot and I’m sure I could have spent hours there. I think some of these might make nice prints on the wall in our new house!

Contax 645 / 80mm f2
Kodak Portra 400

Travel photography by Adelaide film wedding photographer, Dan Wooldridge.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

To celebrate, here are some of my favourite images of Dads with their kids.


If you would like to book a family session for the Dad in your life, please contact me at dan@eonimages.com.au

Chad & Carmel – Hentley Farm Elopement

Styling and coordination by Gabrielle from byGabrielle
Hair & make-up by Thi from Obsessed with beauty
Getting ready location: Jacob’s Creek Retreat
Celebrant: Penelope from Celebrations by Penelope
Ceremony and reception location: Hentley Farm
Florals by Sally from Poppie’s Flowers
Film development & scanning: Indie Film Lab

Hentley Farm elopement wedding-3.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-2.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-7.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-4.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-5.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-8.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-9.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-11.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-12.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-13.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-15.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-17.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-19.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-20.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-21.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-23.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-25.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-26.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-27.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-29.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-30.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-31.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-33.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-34.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-35.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-36.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-37.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-39.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-40.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-43.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-44.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-46.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-47.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-49.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-50.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-51.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-53.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-55.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-57.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-58.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-59.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-60.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-61.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-62.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-63.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-64.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-65.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-66.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-67.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-68.jpgHentley Farm elopement wedding-70.jpg

Contax 645
Leica MP
Rolleiflex 2.8F

Kodak Portra 400
Kodak TriX
Ilford Delta 3200