Dohring Family

Mark is a great friend and photographer and it was a pleasure to photograph his family.

Dohring Blog-28.jpgDohring Blog-11.jpgDohring Blog-12.jpgDohring Blog-19.jpgDohring Blog-13.jpgDohring Blog-14.jpgDohring Blog-15.jpgDohring Blog-16.jpgDohring Blog-17.jpgDohring Blog-18.jpgDohring Blog-30.jpgDohring Blog-29.jpgDohring Blog-20.jpgDohring Blog-21.jpgDohring Blog-22.jpgDohring Blog-23.jpgDohring Blog-24.jpgDohring Blog-25.jpgDohring Blog-1.jpgDohring Blog-10.jpgDohring Blog-26.jpgDohring Blog-3.jpgDohring Blog-4.jpgDohring Blog-5.jpgDohring Blog-6.jpgDohring Blog-7.jpgDohring Blog-8.jpgDohring Blog-9.jpgDohring Blog-27.jpgDohring Blog-2.jpg

Rolleiflex and Leica cameras with Kodak film.
Develop & Scan by Indie Film Lab

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