M + B + E {Adelaide Kids Photographer}

I got to spend a lovely morning with these 3 little munchkins (who are now proudly from Geelong) in the Botanic Gardens yesterday exploring secret paths (walking anywhere but the paths!) and saying hello to the duckies (chasing after them with big sticks!). It was great fun and a beautiful day.


kids adelaide photographer-001.jpgkids adelaide photographer-002.jpgkids adelaide photographer-003.jpgkids adelaide photographer-004.jpgkids adelaide photographer-005.jpgkids adelaide photographer-006.jpgkids adelaide photographer-007.jpgkids adelaide photographer-008.jpgkids adelaide photographer-009.jpgkids adelaide photographer-010.jpgkids adelaide photographer-011.jpgkids adelaide photographer-012.jpgkids adelaide photographer-013.jpgkids adelaide photographer-014.jpgkids adelaide photographer-015.jpgkids adelaide photographer-016.jpgkids adelaide photographer-017.jpgkids adelaide photographer-018.jpgkids adelaide photographer-019.jpgkids adelaide photographer-020.jpgkids adelaide photographer-021.jpgkids adelaide photographer-022.jpgkids adelaide photographer-023.jpgkids adelaide photographer-024.jpgkids adelaide photographer-025.jpgkids adelaide photographer-026.jpgkids adelaide photographer-027.jpgkids adelaide photographer-028.jpgkids adelaide photographer-029.jpgkids adelaide photographer-030.jpgkids adelaide photographer-031.jpgkids adelaide photographer-032.jpgkids adelaide photographer-033.jpgkids adelaide photographer-034.jpgkids adelaide photographer-035.jpgkids adelaide photographer-036.jpgkids adelaide photographer-037.jpgkids adelaide photographer-038.jpgkids adelaide photographer-039.jpgkids adelaide photographer-040.jpg

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  1. Amanda January 15, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    Thanks so much Dan, I’m so happy with all of the photos! Can’t wait to have them on my wall!

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