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Eon Images - Adelaide Wedding Photographer

A natural and candid approach to wedding photography

Whether your wedding is a huge celebration with family and friends or a small, intimate elopement, I will photograph it in a natural, timeless and romantic way. Combining the photography with the best beautifully designed, handmade wedding albums and frames available in Adelaide, you will remember your wedding and tell the stories of the people that were there for generations to come.


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Mount Lofty House Wedding

Glen Ewin Estate Wedding

Hentley Farm Elopement

Ten 22 / Botanic Gardens

Golding Winery Wedding

Union Chapel - Barossa Valley

White House Wedding

Kent - UK


About Dan

My name is Dan and I have been photographing weddings across the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale for more than 10 years and have been featured in various magazines and blogs during that time.

I consider myself as having a modern approach to traditional photography and strive to find the light and love between people and show that in my photography. Film photography is my preferred medium for capturing this light as it has an inherent softness, colour and look that best suits my vision.  I work with 35mm, medium format and even large format film cameras that inspire me and force me to work the way I want to work; not distracted by a screen but truly present in the moment in front of me. For those interested, I shoot with Leica, Contax, Rolleiflex, Holga, and Widelux cameras. I shoot Kodak and Ilford films.

I believe in having prints and albums that can be enjoyed now and passed on to generations to come. I have worked closely with Adelaide-based Atkins Pro Lab to develop a carefully curated range of products that are designed to enhance your images, not detract from them.

Shooting film and producing the work I love would not be possible without my good friends Reece (my assistant), Kodak, Ilford, and Atkins Pro Lab


I can't wait to hear from you.

Dan was great! It was important to us that we didn’t feel staged or unnatural in our photos. We wanted photographs that captured our special day in the most natural possible way, and he did exactly that! Couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!
— Naomi & Jake


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Eon Images - Adelaide Wedding Photographer

For the last 10 years, Adelaide wedding photographer, Eon Images, has been photographing weddings across South Australia and the world. Photographing couples in a natural and candid way, Dan aims to tell your story, not his. He uses a variety of film cameras as an artistic choice, achieving the colour of dreams and the romance of black & white. He specialises in winery, farm and private estate weddings, photographing weddings at Golding Wines, Hentley Farm, Glen Ewin Estate, Mount Lofty House, Union Chapel - Barossa Valley, Whitehouse - Hahndorf, Longview Winery - Adelaide Hills, Kingsbrook Estate, and many more.